Work Injury Physiotherapy In Edmonton

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Are you around Edmonton and Suffering from a work-related injury or pain? Get Vertex work injury physiotherapy in Edmonton and heal your body!

At Vertex physio & performance center, we can help you recuperate no matter your conditions or degree of pain. In addition, we also offer virtual therapy sessions if you can’t make it to our center.

We provide patients with a personalized treatment plan that focuses on addressing their condition. Book an appointment or visit our center to get more info about our Vertex Physiotherapists in Edmonton.

Getting injured during working hours can put you in emotional agony, physical difficulties, and even financial distress.

If you sustain any form of injury in Edmonton during your job, seeking Vertex therapeutic assistance can help you aid your recovery process and help you return back to work as soon as possible. Get Work injury physiotherapy in Edmonton from our registered physiotherapists and improve your condition.

Most Common Work Injuries In Edmonton

  • Back and neck injury.
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Sprains and Twists
  • Car Accident
  • Whiplash

To get treated for any of the above-mentioned injuries, get Work injury physiotherapy in Edmonton from Vertex Physio Center and get treated.

1. Sprain and Twist

These are mainly caused due to improper movement in a particular body part. These are common in the physiotherapist world as many workers complain about a twisted hand, wrist, or neck. To get rid of your physical pain Contact Us.

Immobility can become a cause for strains and twists, this may occur to office workers more frequently as they tend to sit for long working hours.

Sitting for an extended period without movement can become unhealthy as the blood flow to our body gets restricted. If this is your state right now, getting work injury physiotherapy can improve your condition dramatically.

After a prolonged sitting in the office, the best thing you can do for yourself is move around and stretch a bit to increase your mobility.

We at Vertex Physiotherapy center in Edmonton, make personalized mobility plans for people who went through a workplace injury and are searching for a solution to cure them. To get treated with Work injury physiotherapy in Edmonton and let loose of your sprains and twists with Our Edmonton Physiotherapists. 

Our physiotherapists will look for the affected tissue, muscle, or bone, and provide the necessary treatment, to help your healing process.

A proper physiotherapy treatment comes after finding the root cause of the injury. To get treatment from our registered physical-therapists click here & register your slots.

2. Automobile Accidents

According to the studies conducted in Edmonton, 1,689 people have motorcycle accidents yearly. Collisions between motorcycles happen every day. And during this occurrence, any part of the body can be injured, it may also happen while traveling to work. However, these injuries can be addressed by our physiotherapists in our physical therapy center in Edmonton. 

Without getting treatment after a car injury you may have the chance of developing a minor injury into a huge one.

Encountering an accident can lead to shock. Therefore, we try to develop a therapeutic treatment that will help to provide relief and relaxation. We also examine you through scanning and X-ray to ensure no significant injuries or underlying condition is left undetected.

Nobody would love to be involved in an accident, but some measures must be adhered to while driving. We urge all road users to follow all safety precautions and guidelines in order to avoid the likelihood of motor vehicle crashes. If you have gone through a crash while going to work don’t hesitate to call us and get Work injury physiotherapy in Edmonton. We can work with the WCB and provide you with immediate solutions.

This occurs when the soft tissue in the neck is damaged, which can happen when an accident abruptly whips your neck back and forth. It may happen when an object hits you heavily at your work place.

  • Chronic pain and immobility in the neck
  • Tingling or numbness in your shoulder, leg, or arm
  • Issues with bladder or bowel
  • Foggy Vision

Whiplash can get serious if not treated at the right time. Even though most people can’t tell if they have whiplash, the best thing is to get your neck scanned after an accident to be 100% safe. We proffer solutions to any neck injuries at Vertex Physio and Performance Center. With our physical therapies and medication, you can return to your activities faster.

4. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is caused when the wrist’s median nerve gets compressed. The wrist consists of different nerves. The median nerves control the movement of the fingers, and pressure on this nerve can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome.

Even though there are different causes of CTS, the most common causes are people who type a lot, which comes in injury during the job. The frequent use of your wrist and fingers can affect the nerve and can make you develop CT syndrome. If you are suffering from CTS get Physical Therapy from Vertex Physio in Edmonton. If you think you have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome don’t hesitate to call a healthcare provider.

The treatment of this syndrome varies depending on how serious it is. In severe cases, surgery will be carried out by a doctor. However, our physiotherapist will find you the most suitable treatment plan in mild cases. Early treatment is advisable, as this can help relieve and avoid consequences later. 

5. Back Pain

Back pain can be caused by various factors while at a workstation. However, people who type and sit in front of a computer are more prone to back pain. Therefore, it’s advisable to always take a break from sitting too much as this will improve your bone balance.

Treatment for back injuries varies based on the cause. Depending on your injuries, we determine the type of physiotherapy regimen that will be given to you. You may also be given stretching exercises to practice at home to improve your condition and speed up your recovery process. You will start noticing the changes in your body after a few days. If you got back pain due to your job, get Physical Therapy in Edmonton.

Insurance for Work-Related Accidents

As a worker, you are liable to experience injuries. It could be a slip and fall, repetitive motion injuries, accidental crashes into objects, being struck by moving objects, etc. We’ve got you covered. Most of these conditions can be addressed using therapeutic modalities. We can help you to alleviate pain and heal damaged nerves, thereby fastening your way to the healing process. We also do direct billing to the insurance provider cutting down your hassle. We also maintain a healthy relationship with the WCB of Canada to take care of your insurance procedures.

Why Work Injury Physiotherapy in Edmonton From Vertex Physio Centre?

When you arrive at our clinic for a physical Therapy appointment, our physiotherapist will interact with you, examine your condition, and ask health-related questions, including experiencing symptoms, work activities, and previous medical history. After gathering all the necessary information, we will prescribe a personalized treatment plan based on the kind of work injury sustained. 

Once your examination session has been concluded, a personalized treatment plan will be recommended by your physiotherapist. This plan will be designed based on therapeutic modalities such as manual techniques, acupuncture, specific movements, and guidelines to help improve your overall health, eradicate your pain, and prevent any possible symptoms related to your condition, as well as get your back to work as soon as possible.

During your work injury treatment, our physiotherapist will be more focused on your recovery. As a result, we may adjust or modify your initial treatment plan into a more elaborate one to fasten your recovery process and strengthen your muscles in order to return gradually to your normal lifestyle.

Once you attain a full recovery state, we will further provide you with guidance and counselling sessions to educate you on the strategies and lifestyle to adopt at work in order to prevent the reoccurrence of pain as well as improve your body’s immunity.

Meeting regularly with a physiotherapist can help improve your health, wellness and performance. If you are suffering from pain or any other form of discomfort while at work, our Edmonton physiotherapist can provide physiotherapy treatment to restore your health to its right condition and improve your work experience. 

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