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Work Injury Physiotherapy

Are you aware that work injury physiotherapy treats work-related ailments, such as strains, sprains, herniated disks, and stress fractures? Repetitive tasks, heavy lifting, or improper use of tools and machinery can likely result in this condition. If you’ve recently been injured at work and aren’t sure what to do next, Vertex Physio & Performance Clinic is Here for You.

Many treatments are currently in place to help with work injuries, and knowing which one to use can be difficult when you don’t know the exact cause. Therefore, it’s essential to know about your injury and the available treatment options so that you can make an informed decision about your care after an accident at work or elsewhere.

At Vertex Physio & Performance Clinic, Edmonton, we are ready to help you recover from any form of work injury in no time, using practical and suitable therapeutic treatments to ease your pain and other underlying conditions you might be going through now.

What is Work Injury Physiotherapy?

Work injury physiotherapy physiotherapy in Edmonton is a treatment that focuses on helping victims who have sustained injuries while working recover quickly. When dealing with a work-related injury, it’s essential to know what’s involved in a treatment plan and how to identify the signs.

The steps of a work injury physiotherapy routine are follows: First, treatments can be used to reduce pain and inflammation. Then, ice packs can be used over the area of injury during rest periods. Also, the patient will perform stretching exercises to maintain the range of motion. Gentle exercise may be introduced as other treatments progress.

How Can Physiotherapy Help With My Work Injury?

Vertex Physio & Performance Clinic physiotherapists will help you with different aspects of your injuries. We will help you recover from your injury faster and more fully, so you can get back to work sooner. Physiotherapy can also be a preventative measure for those at risk of getting injured on the job.

If you know that specific movements or activities might cause you problems or you are developing some symptoms, discuss them with a physiotherapist so they can make sure these things don’t happen. We will also recommend exercises or stretches before and after work to help prevent injuries.

The Significant Benefits of Physiotherapy After a Work Injury Which Are: 

It has been proved that physiotherapy can help in healing faster by reducing pain and inflammation. 

Movement can often become limited after an injury. A physiotherapist will focus on restoring your range of motion to avoid future stiffness or immobility issues. 

Sometimes, when people try to hurry their way back into their usual routine, they end up making their old problem worse instead of better.

Depending on what happened during the injury, other areas of your body may have been affected. For example, your whole system could have been strained if you tore a muscle while lifting something heavy. Your physiotherapists will figure out where else you’re feeling discomfort and help relieve it through massage or manual therapy. 

Work Injury Physiotherapy in Edmonton / WCB

If you are looking for a WCB Physiotherapy Clinic in Edmonton that specializes in work injury treatments, you have come to the right place. Our team of expert physiotherapists at Vertex Physio & Performance Clinic can provide the best quality care to get you back on your feet as soon as possible. So contact us today to get the appropriate treatment you need if you are seeking treatment for a wrist injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, or anything else. /