Whiplash Physiotherapy Edmonton

Do You Have Whiplash? Here’s All You Need to Know

What Exactly is Whiplash?

Whiplash happens when your head jolts backward and forwards in a whip-like motion. Severe Whiplash can cause spinal cord damage, but this is rare. At Vertex Physio & Performance Clinic helps patients with whiplash issues fully recover.

Whiplash is Caused by What?

The most common cause is when a car is hit from behind, but it can also happen from other directions. It can also occur with everyday activities, such as jerking the neck when you trip or fall. 

What Are the Symptoms of Whiplash?

Neck pain and stiffness may appear after several hours. Moving the neck may be difficult, and you may experience pain or stiffness in the upper back, shoulders, and arms. Dizziness, headache, blurred vision, or pain when swallowing may occur for a short time; some people become irritable and find it difficult to concentrate. Occasionally, you may experience lower back pain and symptoms referring to your legs. If you notice any of these conditions, we urge you to Contact Vertex Physio & Performance Clinic immediately to get the required attention to address your condition.

What Are the Most Common Whiplash Treatments?

When a whiplash injury occurs, the neck muscles spasm as a protective mechanism, so your therapist must work to relax these muscles. At Vertex Physio & Performance, our therapists use these treatment methods: 

A variety of techniques that are applied with sufficient pressure through the superficial tissue to reach the deep-lying structures. It promotes routine tissue repair, increases blood flow, reduces swelling, and reduces muscle spasms.
Our therapist uses an ultrasonic machine to sound waves to the tissues, stimulating the body’s chemicals.

Our physiotherapist at vertex physio uses heat to increase blood flow to the target area, bringing more oxygen and nutrients. Blood is also required to remove waste byproducts produced by muscle spasms and to aid in healing.

Cold therapy reduces inflammation, muscle spasms, and pain by slowing circulation. Your physical therapist will alternate hot and cold therapies.

This is a manual technique in which our therapist gently moves the joint and soft tissues to restore normal motion range, lubricate joint surfaces, relieve pain, and relieve pain.

A high-speed, short-movement thrust delivered at the limit of the available range. It breaks down adhesions, removes joint blockages, and restores effortless movement. During this treatment, a click or noise may be heard. 

Our therapist will introduce a small electrical current into the tissues, which can be used at various frequencies for different treatment effects. For example, pain relief, muscle or nerve stimulation, increased blood flow and reduced inflammation. 

What Other Treatments Are Available for Whiplash?

Acupuncture is an oriental technique that involves inserting special needles into the skin to balance energy flow and promote pain relief and healing.

What Can You Do to Assist Whiplash?

This is an essential part of rehabilitation; our therapist at Vertex Physio & Performance Clinic will be delighted to teach you which exercises to start with, when to add others, and how to progress the exercises.

You can consult your doctor or pharmacist about suitable medication for your condition to help you relieve the pain.
Good posture allows the spine’s muscles to act as a supporting structure, reducing spinal strain.
Ensure that your seating encourages good posture and that your mattress adequately supports your spine.

What if Treatment Fails to Alleviate or Resolve Whiplash?

It is extremely rare for therapy to be ineffective; in such cases, we would refer you to a consultant for further investigation.

If you believe you have this condition or have been diagnosed with one, we would appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate our expertise in helping you treat and manage this condition effectively. For more information or to book an appointment, contact us right away!!!