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Rehab your Vestibular System with Physiotherapy Practices!

Do you always feel dizzy and imbalanced when performing your day-to-day activities? You may likely be suffering from vestibular dysfunction. Get Vestibular physiotherapy and rehab your Vestibular Systems, if you are in Edmonton our Vertex Physiotherapists can help you. At Vertex physio & performance center, we may offer you vestibular physiotherapy treatments like labyrinthectomy, balance therapies, head positioning maneuvers, and infrared goggles for treating vestibular conditions. When you visit Vertex Physiotherapy Center, our physiotherapists in Edmonton may examine your vestibular system deeply to know about the vestibular condition well. This will give them a good idea and help them suggest treatments that may become lifesaving someday. Our therapist’s treatments will help your vestibular systems to rehabilitate in the right phase. Book an appointment at Vertex Physiotherapy clinic to start your treatment immediately. We have well-experienced therapists who are ready to listen to your complaints, examine your body, and give you the best treatments.

Vestibular Dysfunction Symptoms and Causes

Research has shown that a 10-minute appointment with a therapist can help heal up to 80% of dysfunctions. Additionally, a second visit will help you heal faster by up to 96%. Moreover, the remaining 4% may be attributed to extra sessions or treated with reference to other therapy afterward.

Booking an appointment with a vestibular physiotherapist will help to treat your issue with ease. There are other reasons too.

  • You will recover from the imbalance
  • Vestibular exercises, which the physiotherapist will instruct, will help you regain strength.
  • You can escape dizziness & spinning episodes
  • The area that caused vertigo will be treated.
  • They will help you with therapy to improve your physical and mental well-being.
  • Dizziness
  • Blurred vision
  • Vertigo
  • Imbalance
  • Nausea
  • Neck stiffness
  • Spinning, etc.

If you are going through such symptoms, getting Vestibular Physiotherapy Edmonton will be helpful. If you are around Edmonton, Vertex Physio Centre is there to handle your needs.  

The reasons for the dysfunction of the vestibular systems are numerous. Listed here are some of its major causes.

  • Bacteria or virus infection in the inner ear
  • Injuries sustained in the inner ear
  • Injuries sustained at the back of one’s head
  • Motor vehicle Accident

If you think you may have a Vestibular dysfunction, it is sensible to get Vestibular physiotherapy in Edmonton and rehab your vestibular systems

What is Vestibular Physiotherapy Edmonton 

Vestibular Physiotherapy Edmonton is a therapeutic treatment used to rehabilitate the vestibular systems in the hindbrain and inner ears of mammals. Vestibular systems can be found in all mammals including humans. They are responsible for geographical recognition and balance.

Dysfunction of the vestibular system can lead to an inability of the brain to sense geography or space. As a result, one becomes insensitive to geography, which thus causes one to want to ask questions about geography even when it’s obvious that nothing has changed.

Vestibular dysfunction can also cause spinning episodes. Physiotherapy is needed for such patients. If you want to get Vestibular physiotherapy in Edmonton Contact Us.

Vestibular rehab for Vertigo patients in Vertex

The Central Nervous System and the inner ear are responsible for the maintenance of body balance in the human system. When the balance is affected, it causes one to feel like spinning or flying. Some people mistake these symptoms for acrophobia or fear of heights, but it’s not.

Many people out there are suffering from vertigo effects due to vestibular dysfunction. A visit to a physiotherapist can put that in the past. At Vertex Physio Center, we have brilliant hands to take care of your treatment needs. Our treatment will help you to completely heal from vertigo effects and live your normal healthy life. You can easily rehab your vestibular system and escape from vertigo effects through physiotherapy.

We are proud to say Vertex Physio is successfully providing Vestibular physiotherapy in Edmonton to patients who are going through vestibular disorders.

Some Major Symptoms of Vertigo are

  • Imbalance of eyes and body movements
  • Difficulty in walking
  • Blurry vision
  • Giddiness
  • Swirling effects; Feeling like flying
  • Nausea 
What is BPP Vertigo?

BBPV is an acronym for Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo. We provide treatment for BPPV in Edmonton. When the inner tiny crystal part of the ear, known as the otoconial, is displaced from its supposed position, this may result in vertigo effects.

The brain becomes numb and makes the body feel utmost movements even when it’s obvious that there’s actually no movement. The otoconial helps to inform the brain about the geography of the human head.

Most people affected by vertigo are often diagnosed with BPPV. BPPV or other vertigo symptoms can be triggered by performing unusual movements, sitting or standing, rolling over your body, or tilting your head up.

Any sudden movements of the body causing the head to move can induce vertigo. Vertigo will cause you to not have full control of your body, with your mind going into a trance, and then it will seem to you like everything is rotating.

However, the effects vary depending on the affected vestibular system. There are multiple benefits of having a healthy vestibular system, if you are in a similar condition mentioned above, it is advisable to get physiotherapy and manage your condition. By treating your vestibular condition, you can experience life from a different perspective.

If you are having a dysfunction in your vestibular systems, you may need medical attention. That’s why our clinicians are always ready to help with the best treatment they have. We have been providing rehabilitation for vestibular systems in Edmonton for several years, contact us for more information & treatment.

How to Escape BPPV Vertigo

Exercising on a regular basis can help you gain strength and may prevent Vertigo & Dizziness from occurring.

Since a greater part of our body contains water, taking plenty of water can also help(Refer). Water will help the circulatory system and help your body to return to a normal state.

Note: Home remedies cannot completely heal BPPV, but they can be helpful in keeping us healthy and avoiding vertigo.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are experiencing abnormal dizziness, frequent falls, neck stiffness, or any symptom of vertigo, you might need vestibular therapy. We offer treatment and therapy for vestibular dysfunction in Edmonton, Canada.

Water. Research has proven that water helps a lot in the natural treatment of vertigo.

Before a physiotherapist performs any treatment, you will be thoroughly examined. Therapy that may be performed includes any or two of the following: head repositioning maneuvers, labyrinthectomy, balancing therapy, and physiotherapy. Visit our website:, to learn more.

Stay still and relaxed and visit a good physiotherapist for diagnosis and treatment.

When you visit a physiotherapist, there are three major tests; the Dix-Hall pike test, the Infrared goggle, and the Roll test, which most physiotherapists use in the world to examine and diagnose VB dysfunction.

Regular sleep, vitamin D, water hydration, exercise, and Epley maneuvers. Epley maneuvers are often recommended for people experiencing vertigo effects.