At Vertex Physio & Performance Centers, we recognize that physical health including optimum mobility and a pain free livings contribute to health and longevity. We ensure that in-depth knowledge and varsity of experience are deployed when treating conditions specific to each individual patient.

It’s a chronic condition characterized by musculoskeletal pain, fatigue, sleep disturbances, and mood swings, often deemed invisible as its symptoms overlap with numerous other conditions. 

At Vertex Physiotherapy, we bridge the gap between discomfort and recovery, transforming lives one patient at a time. Here, we uphold a tradition of excellence in alleviating various physical ailments, and one of our specialties is hand pain physiotherapy. 

At Vertex Physiotherapy, we believe no one should live with constant foot pain. Our dedicated and knowledgeable team is here to help, providing individualized treatments in a supportive environment. Let us be your trusted partner in foot pain physiotherapy in Edmonton.
Are you aware that men, just like women, can experience a range of pelvic floor dysfunctions? At Vertex Physiotherapy, we shed light on this lesser-known area of men’s health and bring forth specialized services for male pelvic floor physiotherapy in Edmonton.
This cutting-edge therapy has risen to prominence for its non-invasive approach to managing chronic pain and stubborn injuries that resist traditional therapeutic interventions. Our patient-centric approach, coupled with this high-tech solution, is designed to aid your journey toward improved health and wellness.
At Vertex Physiotherapy, we understand that shoulder pain is more than just an ailment – it’s a barrier that can prevent you from living life to the fullest, deterring you from everyday tasks and the activities you love. As an integral joint with a wide range of motion, any distress in the shoulder can significantly impact your ability to function optimally.
Discover the power of holistic healing at Vertex Physiotherapy, your trusted provider of premier acupuncture therapy in Edmonton. We blend ancient wisdom with modern scientific understanding, providing individualized acupuncture treatment plans that cater to your unique health needs and goals.
Welcome to the specialized realm of female pelvic floor physiotherapy in Edmonton at our clinic. We understand women’s unique needs and challenges and are here to provide comprehensive care to address various aspects of women’s health.
The importance of foot health is often overlooked until we experience discomfort or pain. These issues can significantly affect our everyday lives, causing mobility limitations and hindering our performance in physical activities. At Vertex Physiotherapy, we recognize the critical role foot health plays in the overall well-being of individuals.
Step into the world of Vertex Physiotherapy – a sanctuary of innovative physiotherapy techniques, personalized treatment plans, and absolute commitment to your well-being. Rooted in the vibrant city of Edmonton, we pride ourselves on being a beacon of health and recovery.
Our physiotherapists at Vertex Physiotherapy Center, will not treat your back pain as just another broken bone or ligament, we care to cure your ailments. So we use the latest therapeutic gadgets and god’s given hand to ease you off your pain and help you lead a fruitful life.
Do you always feel dizzy and imbalanced when performing your day-to-day activities? You may likely be suffering from vestibular dysfunction. Get Vestibular physiotherapy and rehab your Vestibular Systems, if you are in Edmonton our Vertex Physiotherapists can help you.
At Vertex physio & performance center, we help patients treat their pain using a natural approach only. If you are suffering from neck pain, we provide neck pain physiotherapy treatment that focuses on increasing your neck flexibility, improving your health and overall lifestyle, relieving pain, and relaxing your muscles.
At Vertex physio, we understand that hip pain causes may differ from person to person; therefore, we thoroughly identify the root cause of the pain before creating an individualized treatment plan that will provide a long-lasting solution.Book an appointment with us to get the proper treatment you need as soon as possible, if you need to treat your pain from home, we have solutions for that as well.

Whether you want to improve your strength, flexibility, balance, position or endurance when you ride…OR…you have an injury that needs some attention, you can type physiotherapy near me and find Dawn Payne physical therapist Edmonton at Vertex Physio . 

Pregnancy is a period where a new being grows inside the womb of a mother. The wellness and health of a mother and child could be enhanced by periodic physiotherapy sessions from Vertex Physiotherapy & Sports performance centers.
Motor vehicle accidents are extremely common, however, they are unexpected and cause extreme stress. We at Vertex Physiotherapy in Edmonton, AB help reduce your stress and minimize the adverse effects through physiotherapy.
Pediatric physiotherapy is given to children ranging from newborns to children upto 18 years of age. To get your child treated with pediatric physiotherapy Downtown Edmonton Contact Vertex Physio. This is done by pediatric physiotherapists.
Sports Injury Physiotherapy focuses on prevention of further injury and rehabilitation of the patient to attain optimum levels of functional fitness irrespective of age and ability. Vertex Physiotherapists formulate a tailored treatment plan after in depth subjective and objective assessments.
It is important to note that both men and women are equally affected by pelvic floor dysfunctions, we give pelvic floor physiotherapy exercises to rehab them. Our physiotherapists will assess your physical condition by means of a comprehensive exam, and formulate treatment goals respective to your condition.
Tele-Rehab is the need of the hour, and falls under the larger umbrella of Tele-Health. Although Physiotherapy is often hailed as a requiring physical touch, it is not always required to be so. Exercise therapy and education are the two main components in an effective Physiotherapy program, and they also form the base of Tele Rehabilitation.
At Vertex Physio & Performance Clinic, our physiotherapists can help relieve the symptoms of a concussion and accelerate the recovery process. Our Physiotherapist can help you balance rest and active recovery by monitoring your symptoms and gradually guiding you back to normal functioning.
If you’re suffering from pain or injury, In-Home physiotherapy is a great option when you can’t get out of the house or need more flexibility. In contrast, some people prefer the privacy and convenience of receiving therapy from the comfort of their own homes.
At Vertex Physio & Performance Clinic, Edmonton, we are ready to help you recover from any form of work injury in no time, using practical and suitable therapeutic treatments to ease your pain and other underlying conditions you might be going through now.
Through our arthritis physiotherapy, we are experts at treating arthritis. With our thorough examination, we can identify the stages of your symptoms and pain, particularly knee arthritis symptoms.
Physiotherapy is exceptionally beneficial for knee pain, whether you have an acute, sporting injury or more long-term pain due to osteoarthritis. Physiotherapists are movement and function experts who are well-equipped to assist you in your recovery.
Whiplash happens when your head jolts backward and forwards in a whip-like motion. Severe Whiplash can cause spinal cord damage, but this is rare. At Vertex Physio & Performance Clinic helps patients with whiplash issues fully recover.
At Vertex Physio & Performance center, we are pleased to offer pre and post-surgical physical therapy to patients who are planning to undergo surgical treatment and to those who recently had surgery. You can request an appointment online, or visit our physiotherapy clinic in Edmonton.

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