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Mental health problems, such as depression, stress, and anxiety, are a huge burden for many people in today’s world. Unfortunately, many are left to handle this all on their own, but not you.

At Vertex physio & performance centers, we treat people suffering from all forms of psychological stress caused due to maybe anxiety, stress, depression, or other underlying causes. We offer a range of services that include but are not limited to lifestyle therapies, socialization therapies, therapeutic counseling for overcoming stress, psychotherapy, anxiety and suicidal thoughts, and concussion management in Edmonton.

It has been found that lifestyle is a key determinant of having a healthy physical and psychological life. That’s why eliminating psychological stress can also indirectly improve our physical health.

We also provide Tele Rehabilitation. If you reside anywhere around the world and would like to have an appointment with our Edmonton psychotherapists.

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Lifestyle Impacts on Mental Health.

According to research, it was discovered that one in five people in the world experience some form of psychological issue. While for those above 40 years, this figure increases.

Globally, everyone subjects their body to various forms of activities that tend to impact our feelings and sensation. As a result, our feeling and sensation tend to differ from one another. Living a physically active, healthy lifestyle will help us to maintain a balance between our physical and mental health.

Some healthy physical lifestyles that can help improve our mental health include;

  • Sufficient sleep
  • Drinking enough water
  • Exercises
  • Socialization
  • Addressing personal needs.

At Vertex physio & performance centers, we offer psychological treatments for those in need. We aim to create awareness and help mentally affected victims recover swiftly using proven psychological approaches.

We provide Psychology Treatment  for

  • Assertiveness training
  • Panic attacks
  • Phobias
  • Relaxation training
  • Anger management
  • Insomnia
  • Sports psychological concerns
  • Communication disorder
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Eating disorder
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Stress reduction/management
  • Smoking cessation counseling

Mental health plays a vital part in physical well-being, without overall well-being, it is difficult to survive on this earth in peace. So, if you want to improve your mental health and please contact our clinic in Edmonton and start a happy life.

Treatment for Depression

Depression is a very common psychological condition that affects both children and adults. According to WHO, every one in twenty adults gets to experience depression as well as overcome it.

Despite being a rampant psycho condition, getting through it is very important.

Some common symptoms of depression include fatigue, weakness, irritability, low self-esteem, sadness, lack of interest, suicidal thought, communication difficulty, pain, frequent loneliness, poor concentration, overwhelming guilt, and much more.

Kindly note that not every depressed victim may experience the above symptoms yet may still be suffering from depression. If you notice you are depressed, quickly reach out to your nearby psychotherapists. We will talk to you and help you improve your condition.

5 Effective Ways to Prevent Depression

Getting off addictive substances like Nicotine and caffeine is a great start to building a better lifestyle. Nicotine can also Increase your depression as time goes.

Having positive thoughts often can help avoid depression. When you think positively, the brain is taught to adopt such thinking. Therefore, when you develop your brain towards such thoughts, your brain can help you overcome depressive episodes easily.

The brain rejuvenates itself when you are asleep. Following a sleep schedule that ensures you sleep up to 8 hours daily will kick start your journey to a healthy mind.

Doing new things can help reshape your brain into a different reasoning and neurological pattern, making it possible to ease depressive thoughts and ease other mental conditions.

Having a plan and following through with it is an easy way to avoid unwanted encounters.

Psychology Treatment For Bipolar Disorder In Edmonton

Bipolar disorder combines two extremes of highs(mania) and lows(depression). Its exact cause is unknown. If you need treatment for Bipolar disorder in Edmonton Call Us.

Here are Five major symptoms that a patient may notice when suffering from bipolar disorder:

Mood Swings are a major symptom of Bipolar disorder, from being extremely happy to finding yourself depressed, all within a minute. These extreme swings can stress our brains. With such symptoms, all you need is a psychiatrist. You can try our psychologists in Edmonton; in most situations, you can see an improvement within a short while.

This disorder affects human memory, psychological strengthening treatments are available. If you are going through a loss of memory, our psychologists in Edmonton will be more than happy to help you out.

When there’s conflict within you, you’re not likely to engage in social interactions or bond with others. Our aim at Vertex Physio & Performance center is to resolve the turmoil within you with quick and easy solutions.
All the major symptoms of Bipolar disorder can drive you to seek a fast means to end your suffering. That isn’t the solution, and you need psychologists that can proffer solutions to turn your life around when you have such thoughts.

If you are experiencing a sudden urge to attack someone, you need to realize that it may be an intense symptom of Bipolar disorder. If you need Psychology treatment for bipolar disorder in Edmonton, you can contact us, our experienced psychologists in Edmonton who can easily get you through it with their experience. 

Psychotherapy for Communication Disorder

Communication disorder affects areas of communication, from speech, language, and hearing to more complex things involving verbal and non-verbal communication. Here are some major symptoms of communication disorders:

If you find yourself in such a condition, you may benefit from our psychotherapists.

Such conditions can be handled with some voice practices and other therapeutic regimens from our loved psychologists in Edmonton.

The communication disorder may mound pressure on your throat region, thereby causing pain. This can be handled with voice training and other psychiatric regiments from our psychologists.

If you notice any of the above-mentioned symptoms Contact Our Psychologist in Edmonton.

Psychology Treatment for Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety disorder occurs when the brain malfunction during the process of reasoning at a particular moment. When this happens, a patient tends to have unwanted thoughts at the wrong time. There are various forms of anxiety disorder. These include;

Whichever form of anxiety disorder you may be experiencing, here are some common symptoms that can help you to know if you need to meet with a mental health counselor. These include;

  • Uncontrollable Sweating
  • Unstable eyes
  • Nervousness
  • Weakness
  • Palpitating heart
  • A montage of thoughts

If you need a psychologist for Anxiety disorder in Edmonton Give us a Visit or contact us through Tele Rehabilitation.

Tips to Overcome Anxiety
We highly recommend our psychologists in Edmonton for this. They can be assessed from any location through our telerehabilitation program.

This involves thinking about the things around you. Our professional psychotherapy sessions can also easily help you with this.

Being in touch with nature is an easy way to overcome anxiety. Observing the sun and taking walks can help you ease your mind and get on well with life easily.

Meeting with our psychologist is one of the best ways you can overcome anxiety. You can also focus on things you love(hobbies, dreams, etc), to improve your attention span. 

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Maintaining optimal mental health has so many health benefits, there are many ways to do it. Meeting a psychologist in Edmonton can be the best way to address any mental or physical problem you might be suffering from. At Vertex physio, our psychologists are high-certified to handle any form of psychological issue. Contact us to book an appointment or make further inquiries about our psychology treatment.