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Prenatal and Postnatal Physiotherapy- Needs, stages & more 

Pregnancy is a period where a new being grows inside the womb of a mother. The wellness and health of a mother and child  could be enhanced by periodic physiotherapy sessions from Vertex Physiotherapy & Sports performance centers

Our Clients have given us so many compliments after hearing from people who did not receive prenatal physiotherapy treatments. They say we are blessed to have got this treatment before childbirth.

Prenatal Physiotherapy is a must for mothers out in the modern world

The body and mind changes throughout the pregnancy period, this could be navigated safely by experts / professional supervision. Every stage of pregnancy brings joy and surprises. We assure you to help you reduce unwanted unhealthy symptoms, and ease all the stages of pregnancy..Nonetheless, you will need guidance for effortless childbirth.

Prenatal therapists have surefire tools!!

What is Prenatal physiotherapy?

Prenatal Physiotherapy is very effective in making you have peaceful labor. Our physical therapy sessions make childbirth easy and fast. We do it at south Edmonton Vertex Physiotherapy & Sports performance centers with love and care for pregnant mothers. Our therapists in the clinic have been certified and experienced in delivering the best results for years.  

With vertex physiotherapy sessions you can expect

  • Pain relief
  • Better posture
  • Less fatigue
  • Less anxiety during pregnancy months
  • Comfort in your abdominal area 
  • Better sleep  & mood
  • Strong muscles in your pelvic region 
  • Enhancing baby’s growth in the womb
  • Active and healthy body and mind
  • Confidence for Peaceful Labor by learning techniques.

Postnatal Treatment at Vertex Physiotherapy Clinic

  • Recovery of aches and pain from childbirth
  • Scar tissue treatment post cesarean stitches/ episiotomy/ perineal tearing.
  • Toning and strengthening of pelvic floor muscles 
  • Decreasing spinal pain
  • Relief from urinary Incontinence/ constipation/ sexual intimacy pain
  • Improving sexual health
  • Advice on breastfeeding positions
  • Safe advice for future pregnancies
  • Coaching for getting back to the desired fitness level.

Can Prenatal exercise promote spontaneous Vaginal delivery? Yes,.

After modern medication started to rise Spontaneous vaginal delivery has become one of the biggest dreams for many mothers out there. From working-class women to homemakers most of us experience c-sections during labor. 

Studies suggest that doing mild to medium exercises along with some prenatal therapies will increase the chances for mothers to have a peaceful spontaneous vaginal delivery. Regular prenatal exercise of up to 1 hour according to the will of the mother daily can easily increase your chance of getting a vaginal delivery.

But Mothers who are spending their time sedentary has a lesser chance of  a vaginal delivery.

Tips for getting a vaginal delivery

  • Spending time outside
  • Brisk walking
  • Aerobic exercise
  • Regular activities

Can be done to increase the chance of spontaneous vaginal delivery. Women who get prenatal physiotherapy will have an increased chance of such delivery than those who don’t. 

Prenatal Physiotherapy can also promote:

  • Extended elasticity of ligaments
  • Reduced pelvic pain
  • Reduced back pain
  • A healthy environment for the baby

Prenatal Physiotherapy includes

Stretching, strengthening, balancing, coordination, meditation and breathing exercises are included in treating mothers during the prenatal period. It is proven that even some vigorous activity by the mother will not affect the child up to a point, but let’s not go there. Vertex Physio & performance centers give pregnant mothers absolute exercises considering their BMI to increase the chances of vaginal delivery.

Having a strong pelvic muscle means you will have more strength and coordination during pushing your baby out. Building a strong pelvic floor can give confidence to mothers and hence the child. By doing so the child can stay in the womb stress free, this will increase the health and wellbeing of the child after Childbirth.

Constant worrying of mothers will lead to direct stress on the baby. This can be seen with the changing postures of mothers and an unhealthy physique. Pregnancy is a time when the female body goes through several changes, from bulging toes to big tummies. These changes can be confusing for mothers who undergo labor for the first time.

Be stress-free, Vertex Physiotherapy is with you. We have an extensive experience in handling women who undergo labor for the first time. We have enough knowledge to educate pregnant mothers to provide a strong and carefree environment for the life which is growing within.

Not one person in this world is all the same, that implies all the mothers as well. All the mothers might have created different pressure zones in their bodies due to pregnancy. These pressure accumulations can change with their environment and self-behavior. We analyze them all and provide the right treatment at the right intervals. We care about your muscular and neural health more than you, so getting treated at vertex physio performance will always become a good experience for you.

Our pelvic floor muscle therapists are well versed in treating pelvic floors. They have been giving therapies to patients around Edmonton, we are so happy to have such a talented physiotherapist. If you visit Vertex Physiotherapy center, our experienced physiotherapists will treat your pelvic floor with a wide smile on their face and love in her heart. Their passion for pelvic floor & and perinatal therapy is self-manifested. Our therapies have become a life-changing solution for expecting mothers and parents

The postnatal period of mothers is also said as the postpartum period, where the mothers have already gone through labor and are ready to feed the child. This period is very crucial for mothers and their children.

  • Having hold of a local physiotherapist will surely help you to cross your postpartum at ease.
  • They can give you soft tissue mobilization, spinal and peripheral joint mobilization, myofascial release, and trigger point release
  • The massage therapies given by them will surely have a positive effect on your neural and muscular system.
  • Having the best physiotherapist by your side will surely help you build your confidence
  • “The acute phase”- This phase generally lasts from 24-48 hours after pregnancy, this varies according to the reaction of the postpartum mothers.
  • “Sub-acute phase” – The sub-acute phase generally lasts from 2 to 6 weeks. Mothers who deliver premature babies must be very careful during this stage.
  • “Late phase” – This phase starts in the 6th week after labor and goes on up to six months depending on the mother’s health. The late phase is the one where the mother gets rid of all the hormones that were produced in her body during pregnancy. The body will also start to recover from torn muscles and weak ligaments. This can also be called the healing phase of the mother. After childbirth, most mothers will become more attentive to their children but doing so will put both the mother and the child at risk. The mother must take good care of herself with a good nutritious diet that will heal her and produce healthy milk for the child.

Physiotherapy sessions for postpartum mothers include detailed examination and treatment
on the pelvic floor, lower back, and mild resistance training at our physiotherapy center in south Edmonton. All the mothers who got treated by us gave positive feedback that physiotherapy sessions have helped them to heal better,recover faster, and resume their active lifestyle sooner.

Benefits of Physiotherapy for mothers!

  • Ecstatic mood
  • Improved Cardiovascular strength
  • Good Body Mass Index
  • Reduced Depression & anxiety
  • Good psychological well being

After the stage of delivery, a phase enters into the life of the mother who delivered the child. This part is dark and makes us feel blue, this phase is not common in all mothers only one in ten mothers go through this phase. If you are one person who goes through postpartum depression you can contact a professional mental health expert to talk about your problem.

Postpartum depression is sometimes caused due to

  • Hormonal imbalances post pregnancy
  • Internal pain
  • Lack of sleep &
  • Lack of confidence

Postpartum depression can cause

  • Suicidal thoughts
    Nightmares &
  • Feeling of Abandonment

Physiotherapy for Postpartum depression

Although physiotherapy cannot completely alleviate the symptoms of postpartum depression or anxiety, it can help you to recover from it. When you go out to get physiotherapy, you get out of home, meet new people, talk to your therapist and get therapy. These factors can calm you down and bring you back to normal.
While having physiotherapy for postpartum depression, you will be given breathing regulators, physical therapies, and mild stretching exercises combined with some breathing techniques. The physicians will try to instruct you to carry it in your home as well. Postnatal depression is commonly a taboo topic in many homes, so most women hesitate to talk about their depression and anxiety. This will put more pressure on the feeding mother. So if you have postnatal depression, try to take a few calm breaths and then talk to someone who cares about you. This will give you a positive feeling to carry on with your life. A good physiotherapy session afterward will take the steam off your brain.

Whatever the thing is, life cannot always be flowers and rainbows. And especially pregnancy can be tough for everyone. Pre & postnatal physiotherapists can help you to get prepared for the upcoming delivery and also help you to have a happy postnatal period.

How to avail Postnatal physiotherapy in Edmonton

Our Physiotherapy clinic in south Edmonton has been suggested by many local patients to their friends & relatives due to their pleasant experience with us.

Give us a call or book an appointment online! Try Vertex Physio performance centers to make all your pregnancy stages stress-free!