Pre and Post surgical Physiotherapy in Edmonton

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So many individuals in Edmonton opt for pre and post surgical physiotherapy to enhance the results of their surgery and aid their recovery process. Whichever condition you may have, our physiotherapists can prepare you ahead and may also help you avoid invasive treatments.

At Vertex Physio & Performance center, we are pleased to offer pre and post-surgical physical therapy to patients who are planning to undergo surgical treatment and to those who recently had surgery. You can request an appointment online, or visit our physiotherapy clinic in Edmonton if you are in need of pre or post-surgical physiotherapy.

We can schedule a convenient appointment time suitable for you to meet-up with one of our physical therapists. They will prepare a treatment plan that will help you have a successful surgery, fasten your recovery, and may likely keep you from undergoing surgical treatments.

Pre and post-operative Physical Therapy can simplify your life and improve the comfort of living!

Health Advantages of Pre- and Post-operative Physiotherapy

According to recent studies that have been done on patients who had total knee and hip replacement operations, it was discovered that those patients that opted for pre-surgical physiotherapy reported much fewer aches and improved functioning in the operated region. They recovered far more quickly than they had anticipated, and they were able to resume their usual duties considerably sooner than they had anticipated.

Pre-operative physical therapy will help strengthen your muscles for the surgery, and Post-operative physiotherapy helps speed up your recovery after the surgery.

Our Pre and Post surgical Physiotherapy also includes health awareness coaching to educate our patients before and after surgery in Edmonton.

This will prepare the patient’s mind for the impending surgery and teach them how to live a comfortable lifestyle that will promote quick recovery after surgery.

Many patients in the pre-and post-surgery phases of life have found solace at our physiotherapy clinic in Edmonton.

If you are in Edmonton and need Pre and Post surgical Physiotherapy contact us and get treated.

Benefits of Pre and Post-surgical Physiotherapy

Pre and post-surgical physiotherapy provide tons of benefits for patients who are planning for surgery and for those who underwent surgery.

Some of the benefits of pre-surgical physiotherapy include;

  • Condition the spot for surgery
  • Reduce the chances for operation
  • Improve overall health
  • Reduces pain
  • Increases chances of a successful surgery

Here are some of the benefits of post-surgical physiotherapy.

  • Improves weak muscles for quicker recovery.
  • Loses the muscles that have become tight after surgery.
  • Lessen your concern for healing.
  • Counseling on the required information.
  • Assist in achieving the highest level of bodily mobility.
  • Lowers the risk of post-surgical complications such as bleeding, infection, blood clotting, etc
  • Enhance healing potential and improve breathing. 

Who Can Benefit From Post-surgical Physiotherapy?

Post-surgical physiotherapy is an option open to all surgical patients and those who may be experiencing muscular stiffness, musculoskeletal pain, limited mobility, low physical activity tolerance, or diminished independence after surgery.

We understand that surgery can be effective in some severe conditions, but may have an effect on a patient’s psychological and physical health. However, physiotherapy can help ease the discomfort.

Our clinic’s physiotherapist will assist you with the key areas of your rehabilitation and educate you on all the relevant information. If you recently had surgery in Edmonton and are looking for a postoperative physical therapist, you may find one right here. Our helpful physiotherapists will ensure that you recover fully at a fast pace using suitable therapeutic approaches. Click Here to know more benefits of physiotherapy pre and post-surgery.

Pre-surgical and Post-surgical Lifestyle Adjustments  

Smoking can block every airway in your lungs, which will make breathing tough for the person. Smoking is particularly harmful to someone who is having surgery since it might lessen the benefits of the procedure and make the recovery process uncomfortable. Reducing smoking and establishing healthy routines like meditation can help with pre-and post-surgical recovery and therapy.
Alcohol boosts our system’s blood circulation, making it difficult for the surgeon to operate. You can better prepare yourself for surgery by reducing alcohol intake to at least one week before the procedure.

The use of illegal drugs has spread all over the world. This may result in you losing mental function in some areas of your brain. This can reduce the number of things the body needs to recuperate and mend and might make things difficult for you by delaying the healing process for a lengthy period. Illegal drug use is a criminal act that can have serious consequences for your forthcoming operation or recovery outcomes.

Overcoming drug misuse is one of the best pre-and post-operative lifestyle modifications you can follow.

Your digestive system will function more quickly and efficiently if you eat foods like fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens. This will clean up every channel in our body and aid in the natural procedure of regeneration.

A healthy lifestyle change will always be beneficial to the body. Additionally, you can avoid surgery or at least shorten the healing period by adopting specific lifestyle adjustments. Let’s not make it difficult for our bodies to heal from the wounds that surgery has left behind. Let’s change to a healthy way of living and accomplish the impossible! 

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