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Physiotherapy for Horse Riders

Horseback Rides

Horse riding is an adventurous sport and one of the most ancient means of transport. Though it is an ancient sport there are many health factors accompanying it. These can be reduced with awesome physiotherapy hacks & tricks that can change the way you spend time with your loved one.

Modern horse racing was introduced back in England in the early 70s, even back then the jockeys had back pains and aches caused due to continuous riding. Back then it was treated by ancient physical therapies and ancient pain reduction methods. 

Our Vertex physio & performance centers want to carry the legacy and help the horse riders have a pain-free time with their horse. 

For this, we have introduced a program of physiotherapy in our clinic in Edmonton for the benefit of horse riders who suffer from physical joint pains and injuries. We also give home workouts to keep you fit and train you for your upcoming journey. Our performance centers in Edmonton provide physical therapy sessions, training sessions, and video call counseling. 

Sports physiotherapy for Horse Riders include

These are mostly caused due to the pressure caused in the trapezius muscles while horseback riding, these can be cured with therapy sessions and sports physiotherapy stretches.

This is the joint that connects your spine to your pelvic bones, improper riding postures can lead to a Sacroiliac joint impingement which causes immense pains. This pain can be nerve-pulling at moments and can make you think about quitting horse riding. But worry not, our Sports physiotherapists at Edmonton clinic can fix your pain directly by giving you the right abductor stretches and abductor strengthening workouts that will directly loosen the muscles and give space for your nerves to carry more blood. When your sacroiliac joint is in good condition it will balance your whole body and avoid any possible injury.

Lower back pain in a horse rider is caused due to the absorption of shock from the horse through our gluteus muscles. These can be reduced by balancing the glute muscles and strengthening the abductors. Massage therapies and targeted muscle strengthening workouts are given to those who come to us with lower back pain due to horseback riding. Other therapies will also be given by studying the person’s condition.

The Flat/ stiff hand syndrome is caused due to the improper handling of the rope, the flat & stiff hands can also be a symptom of carpal tunnel syndrome. These can easily be corrected with mobility treatment from our physiotherapists who have 20 plus years of experience in the field. We provide special treatment for horse riders.

The basic riding position of any horseback riding will put pressure on the heel and the Achilles tendon, this will result in wear and tear in years, the tendons need supportive exercises to cope with the current condition to work longer without any hurdle. Our physical therapists will find the inactive muscle and activate them for increased performance of the Achilles ligament.


Several physical damages can occur to a horse rider, but that shouldn’t hold you back from your passion. You can explain any kind of pain to our therapists and get cures, we have a wide range of treatments that can treat your condition and create magic in your physical & psychological body.

Hippotherapy can also be used for riders to correct their hip movements with the help of professionals and a horse. This therapy will literally put you on the top of a horse and correct your postures and your hip movements. This will improve your performance during races and rides, with hippotherapy you can also correct your natural postures and alignment on top of a horse.

Physiotherapy From Home

Jockeys can easily benefit from our programs through direct sports physiotherapy sessions at our sports physiotherapy centers in Edmonton or utilizing Tele Rehabilitation. Treatment for horse riders is done through Tele rehab sessions for horse riding enthusiasts around the world. You can book your appointments through Appointments and meet our Sports physiotherapists through video call and get treated for your present physical condition.

Our direct billing process will cut out all the hassles for you!

Our sports physiotherapists take on some common Horse Rider Problems

Can’t stop bouncing on a horse?

If this is your case you can follow the below mentioned instructions and get in sync with your horse
Professional Horse riders say When you are bouncing on a horse you are on opposite forces with your horse. By letting your body free, you will stop bouncing and become connected with your horse. This doesn’t mean your body won’t bounce at all, but your body will be in sync with your horse and align with the horse’s movements.

This is one of the most important things you should check now and then. If your body is not properly aligned straight then there are more chances of your body losing sync and balance. An imbalanced posture not only creates harm to the human body but also will create pressure on the horse. So align your body straight and bend forward slightly to avoid injury for both parties.

Another common mistake made by horse riders is dropping the heel way too much, this must be practiced to attain perfection. Keeping an awareness of your Achilles will also increase the rider’s posture

Your hip is the place where your body meets with the horse. Using your hip wisely will help you to develop sync with the horse. While riding:

  •  If your hip slides then move your hips sideways
  • If your hip jumps then move up and down
  • If your body experiences a scoopy motion move along 

Being in sync with the movements of horses can help both parties to avoid injury and have a safe & sweet ride. This will also increase the bond you have with your horse and will help maintain a long-term relationship. Horses remember riders who rode them well for more than 15 years.

Most of the time riders concentrate on riding the horse in the right way and lose breath, you can catch yourself out of breath after a riding session. If this is your case according to physiotherapists and horse riding enthusiasts holding your breath will cut the sync between you both. Focusing on the breath will automatically increase the sync between you and your horse. Riders say having control over their breath while riding has made the ride pleasurable and more enjoyable.

For people who have been to a horse riding course, you might know learning to ride a horse will have more falls than a motorcycle. There is no other way, but the injuries can be kept at a minimal level if you wear the necessary gears.

Benefits of horse Riding

Horse riding will take the stress out of your brain and help you to relax and be calm, horse riding will release all the endorphins in your brain and make you feel happy. So you can take horse riding classes in places of psychological therapies. Even if you fall we can treat the condition at Vertex physio & performance centers in Edmonton. So if you are new to horses keep riding and have our therapist’s number handy. Our Tele Rehabilitation will help you to get access to our physical therapists from any part of the world.

Horse riding requires a strong core, even if you don’t have one, consecutive riding sessions will give you a strong core. Reports show that a strong core will improve your metabolism and increase the body’s balance and stability.

Yes, horse riding can improve your brain’s activity. So, why not go on for a ride with your horse and have a great time? Horse riding will improve one’s ability to make quick decisions and be in the present moment. 

Horses also help us to travel from one place to another without polluting the environment. Since horses are living creatures, this will help you get connected with nature easily. Studies say being connected with the earth’ nature will reduce your illness. 

Why not everyone get a horse and move more frequently in an eco- eco-friendly and ailment free lifestyle? Think about it!

Sports physiotherapy remedies for safe horse riding

Our professionals at Vertex Physio & Performance Centers in Edmonton gave a brief about how the injuries caused due to horse riding can be avoided for good. 

Rider Health ∞ Horse Health

The physical health of a rider will directly reflect on the performance of a horse, this means if you are keeping yourself fit then there are more chances that your horse will catch up in a few bits and both of you can have a good time. Don’t think horse riding burns a lot of calories so I don’t have to work out, muscle health is different from calorie burning, that’s true. So do your

  •  workouts regularly and
  •  meditate well

This will keep your brain calm and naturally improve the connectivity between you and your horse, this will result in injury-free riding. 


frequently asked questions

The sacroiliac joint is considered the most important joint for horse riders, this joint connects your spine with the hip and hence stabilizes the body.

Do early morning stretches and drink a lot of water when needed.

The glutes or the buttock muscle is considered the most important, the glutes muscles are situated below our hip and help us to sit comfortably on a horse and ride in a more balanced manner.

Yes, pelvic floor therapy will highly help the riders, these muscles hold our internal organs from falling. Horseback riding has a lot of up and down motion, this may lead to a weak or stiff pelvic floor muscle. Training the pelvic floor muscle will have a direct impact on your health and will have a secondary impact on your horse.

Getting treated by a good Sports physiotherapist will be the best solution in such conditions, physiotherapists are trained professionals who can find the root cause of your pain and provide a solution. 

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