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We provide Physiotherapy for hip pain Edmonton with registered physiotherapists. Are you suffering from hip discomfort, or do you notice any limitations due to hip pain when working or walking? Vertex physio & performance center can come to your rescue immediately. Hip pain can be very painful and can alter your day-to-day routine as well as your normal lifestyle. This pain can range from acute to chronic pain. And if left untreated, it can lead to a complicated condition. As a patient, you may want to opt for pain-relief drugs. However, using such drugs will only provide short-term relief. At Vertex physio, we understand that hip pain causes may differ from person to person; therefore, we thoroughly identify the root cause of the pain before creating an individualized treatment plan that will provide a long-lasting solution. If you are experiencing pain around your lower back, left and right of your hip, lower abdomen, or glutes, our physiotherapist can provide you with Physiotherapy for hip pain Edmonton using suitable therapeutic modalities and cure your pain. Book an appointment with us to get the proper treatment you need as soon as possible, if you need to treat your pain from home, we have solutions for that as well.

What You Need to Know About Your Hip Joint (Hip Anatomy)

The hip is made of a ball and socket joint, which is regarded as a primary weight-bearing joint. It is responsible for providing full structural support to the upper parts of the body as well as aiding body movement and stability. 

The hip joint comprises 3 main features that contribute to its proper function. This includes; 

  • Internal body supply– The hip joint is made of ligaments and arteries that aids in transporting oxygen and blood to the femur. 
  • Labrum–  This is a rubbery-like rim structure that provides a vacuum seal around the hip joint. The function of the labrum is to make the socket of the hip firm,   

Variation in the joint movement– The femur is connected to the hip socket at a particular angle. This differs from one person to another, and as a result, some individuals tend to have a deep hip range.

What Precisely is Hip Pain?

Hip pain can occur due to several problems in both children and adults. Whichever form of pain you are experiencing, a physiotherapist can help identify the exact cause of your pain before recommending a treatment approach.

Often, hip pain may develop due to joint problems in the hip or groin region. In some cases, it may be due to pain around the upper thigh, outer buttock, or musculoskeletal structure around the hip joint. Get Physiotherapy for hip pain Edmonton and release your pain.

8 Common Causes of Hip Pain

Hip pain can be due to various underlying issues. Some of the common conditions that may lead to hip pain include but are not limited to;  

Osteoarthritis is an autoimmune disorder that ruptures the cartilage that cushions the bone joint. If you have hip pains due to osteoarthritis, the muscles can be optimized and the pain can be minimized through a physiotherapy regimen.

Tendinopathy occurs as a result of excessive stress on the muscles around the hip due to load or excessive movement. When a patient experiences this condition, the hip muscles get irritated, causing pain and inflammation within the hip structure.
A hip fracture can either be a crack, injury, or break of the hip bone. When a patient suffers from any form of fracture at the hip, they tend to experience intense discomfort and mobility limitation. Through hip physiotherapy, the muscles supporting the hip can be strengthened to provide support & ease the pain.
Muscle strains occur when the musculoskeletal system around the hip, especially the muscles, are overused, causing pain and inflammation at the hip.
This condition is very common around the hip and groin region. It mostly occurs due to compression of a nerve root in the lower back. The common symptoms include stiffness, improper posture, and pain.

Snapping Hip syndrome is a condition that occurs as a result of irregular muscle tension at the hip joint. In some cases, this condition may occur when tight tendons at the hip flip over one another. As a patient, if you notice a snapping sound when walking, then you are likely to be suffering from this condition. Other symptoms include pain and mobility difficulty. Click here to know more.

Anterior hip impingement occurs due to improper movement of the hip bone, thereby generating a pinching sensation around the hip joint resulting in intense pain. Some patients may experience this condition due to developmental factors, abnormal bony growth, tight muscles, or even genetic factors.

Bursitis occurs when the bursa around the hip bone and muscles is compressed, causing pain and inflammation in the hip.

Several underlying conditions can cause hip pain or inflammation. However, if you notice any form of discomfort around your hip, contact our physiotherapist. They will design an effective therapeutic treatment plan based on your condition. 

Our Approach to Ease Your Hip Pain.

We Analyze

When you arrive at our clinic for a physical appointment, our Hip-Pain physiotherapist will interact with you, examine your condition, and ask health-related questions, including experiencing symptoms, work activities, and previous medical history. Also, they will conduct a deep assessment to identify the root cause of your hip pain or inflammation before recommending a treatment plan. This assessment may include the following; 

  • Motion range assessment 
  • Gait evaluation 
  • Palpation 
  • Strength measurement 
  • Special tests 
  • Functional mobility tests 

We Treat

Once your examination session has been concluded, hip pain physiotherapy Edmonton may be recommended to you by your physiotherapist. This plan will consist of therapeutic modalities such as manual techniques, acupuncture, specific movements, and guidelines to help improve your overall health, eradicate your pain, and prevent any possible symptoms related to your condition. 

During your treatment, our physiotherapist will be more focused on your recovery. As a result, we may adjust or modify your initial treatment plan into a more elaborate one to fasten your recovery process and strengthen your muscles, hip, and upper body in order to return gradually to your normal lifestyle. 

Once you attain a full recovery state, we will further provide you with guidance and counseling sessions to educate you on the strategies and lifestyle to adopt in order to prevent the recurrence of your hip pain as well as improve your body’s immunity.   

Meeting regularly with a physiotherapist can increase the chances of your hip pain recovery and improve your health, wellness, and performance. If you are suffering from hip pain, get hip pain physiotherapy treatment, from our Edmonton physiotherapist and restore your hip to its right condition.

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You don’t have to wait until your situation is critical to get help. Contact Vertex physio & performance center as soon as you discover any discomfort with your hip. Our dedicated team of physiotherapists will work together to restore your hip functionality to normal as well as eradicate any underlying symptoms and pain.

You can Contact our Hip pain physiotherapist in Edmonton by call or email to learn more about our hip injury rehabilitation program. We will be happy to assist you.