Physiotherapy for Cyclists In Edmonton

Rehab & Rejoice with Physiotherapy Treatment!

Vertex Physiotherapy Clinic is pleased to provide Physiotherapy for cyclists in Edmonton.

Cycling is an awesome sports activity that anyone can engage in. Despite being a fantastic sport, you can get hurt easily with cycling. If not treated properly these injuries can keep you away from cycling for a longer period. Our Physiotherapists can help in treating the injuries you encounter while cycling.

Whether you are an amateur or professional cyclist, it is mandatory to get treatment if you are suffering from pain, injury, illness, or any uncomfortable conditions.

At Vertex physio & performance center, we understand that cyclists perform repetitive motions while cycling; as a result, they are highly prone to experiencing discomfort and injuries at the neck, back, elbow, ankle, knee, and foot. Whichever one you are suffering from, our Edmonton physiotherapists can treat your condition, ensure you stay in the right shape, and help you recover quickly from any condition.

To treat your injury, and make yourself strong and agile, you can get Physiotherapy for cyclists in Edmonton. Contact us and schedule an appointment to commence your treatment as soon as possible.

Benefits of Cyclist Physiotherapy 

Physical Therapy can help us to

  • Improve the body’s musculoskeletal condition
  • Enhance Joint Flexibility
  • Improve tendon and Ligament Strength
  • Improve Mind Muscle Coordination
  • Lowers reoccurrence of injury

If you are a cyclist in Edmonton and want to cure yourself through physiotherapy treatments, you can call us and book your appointments or contact us through Tele Rehabilitation and get your physiotherapy treatment from home.

Benefits of Cycling

No doubt cycling is a mind-blowing exercise despite the fact there are shortcomings. It helps build the body in different ways, such as;

  • Burns calories
  • Keeps our body fit
  • Increases the circulation
  • Improves cardiovascular strength
  • Improves joint mobility
  • Increases range of motion

To get all the benefits of cycling and also increase the chances of leading an injury free lifestyle contact our therapists and get Physiotherapy for cyclists in Edmonton

Common Conditions That May Occur During Cycling

  • Fracture
  • Overuse injury
  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Bruises
  • Achilles Tendonitis
  • Hand, wrist, or arm pain

We provide physiotherapy for cyclists in Edmonton to treat all such injuries with full conscience and provide our best care. You can also use us as your cycling personal trainer! 

What we Provide at Vertex Physiotherapy Clinic

Bike fit is a cyclist treatment approach whereby a physiotherapist conducts a fitness assessment to identify the precise cause and underlying factors contributing to any overuse injury due to cycling. This helps the physiotherapist identify problems associated with a deficit in the rider’s biomechanics and posture before developing a treatment plan that will help lower your risk of injury as well as make you achieve an optimal state. If you are a cyclist in Edmonton try this.

This is one of the best and most solicited therapeutic treatments for cyclists. The type of massage therapy administered to a cyclist depends on the area of injury and pain. The massage therapist decides the pressure needed to suit your recovery process. Massage is also used in post-surgery rehabilitation. If you are a cyclist and have overcome surgery, you can simply rehabilitate faster with the help of post-operative physiotherapy.

Massage therapies can help comfort your muscles after completing a fiercely competitive match or training. The massages can easily comfort your muscles and provide instant rehab. Try Vertex physio massage services if you need one. 

Getting Physiotherapy treatment as cyclists will make sure your bones and muscles are in proper shape, it is a treasure for cyclists in Edmonton. Increased bone and muscle fitness will make you more fit for the upcoming match, it may also increase your confidence and may give you an upper hand in your game.

Our Edmonton physiotherapists will be happy to help you in your cycling journey. Physiotherapy practices can become extremely helpful by changing your mind-muscle connection.  Physiotherapy mobility training is also very effective in improving muscle condition which may help you avoid reused injuries.

Maintaining proper balance can keep you more focused and concentrated on the race. A physiotherapist can help a cyclist in achieving this state by balancing their muscles and bones. Balance and gait training are given to cycling enthusiasts who come to our clinic with balance issues. 

By increasing cyclists’ muscle flexibility, we can make them escape multiple injuries, including muscle spasms and strains. Flexibility also increases the breathability of the muscles resulting in increased muscle stamina. That is, your muscle can do its work for a prolonged time without tiring out.

Track cyclists and racers can get benefitted by taking physiotherapy for increasing their flexibility. Each person’s body and muscle structure and strength are different. So it is hard for an individual to spot the necessary workouts. Our Edmonton physiotherapists can point out the right exercises necessary for your body. This will pump your dormant muscles, increase your overall capacity and help you perform better. 

Tips To Improve Your Cycling 

The first step towards improvement starts with the mind. Prepare your mind toward your target goal to ensure you are focused on the journey ahead.

  • Avoid harmful or unnecessary things that will hinder you from achieving your goals.
  • Hard drugs and Abuse of drugs will be dangerous to your cycling health
  • Join a cycling club to surround yourself with like minds.
  • Wear proper bike shoes
  • Address improper biomechanics and bike fit
  • Have a mentor to guide you on the field so as not to deviate from your cycling path.

Book an Appointment and Get Physiotherapy for Cyclists In Edmonton

Cycling is beneficial to the body; hence cyclists stand to gain many health advantages. To achieve unbelievable benefits, cyclists can keep their bodies in good shape with physiotherapeutic regimens. If you are a cyclist in Edmonton, to get a cycling physio near me Contact Vertex physiotherapist and get therapy to escape from injuries and live an exceptional life.