Concussion Management Therapy Edmonton

Physiotherapy can help you recover faster from a concussion.

What exactly is a concussion? A concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury caused by a strong impact on the head, neck, and other body parts. Concussion symptoms vary widely, but common symptoms include headaches, fatigue, dizziness, and sleeping difficulties. These symptoms generally result from gradual changes in the brain rather than permanent structural damage. While the recovery time varies greatly, many treatments may help accelerate recovery physiotherapy.

At Vertex Physio & Performance Clinic, our physiotherapists can help relieve the symptoms of a concussion and accelerate the recovery process. Our Physiotherapist can help you balance rest and active recovery by monitoring your symptoms and gradually guiding you back to normal functioning.

Our Physiotherapist’s Role in Assisting Concussion Patients

Your Physiotherapist will carry out your treatment plan based on an in-depth assessment of your concussion, which includes performing several tests to assess the symptoms you are experiencing. Once this is determined, your concussion will be managed based on your specific symptom area.

Depending on the current issues your body is experiencing, our Physiotherapist can assist you with the following: Cervical spine, Vestibular issues, Visual disturbances Exertion issues.

If a concussion injury has affected the neck or spine, our Physiotherapist at Vertex Physio can assist with the following:

  • Manual therapy ensures that the joints move freely
  • Neck muscle strengthening
  • Techniques of myofascial release to ensure good mobility of the surrounding soft tissue

If a concussion affects vision, ocular reflex training can be prescribed to improve visual motor control and reduce visual disturbances. 

Exercise prescriptions should be part of a concussion management plan if exertion is a problem, with the incremental progression of individually tailored exercises. 

Physiotherapists Importance in Concussion Management Therapy

Our physiotherapist role in concussion management is critical for recovery because they evaluate and treat many concussion-related problems. In addition, because concussions differ from person to person, they evaluate your specific body systems, such as neurological, orthopedic, and cardiovascular, to prescribe a treatment plan that best suits your symptoms and way of life.

These are the five objectives that our Physiotherapist will strive to achieve during the course of your Concussion Management:

Your Physiotherapist will recommend the best rest and recovery program for you based on your medical condition. Rest is essential because it allows your brain to heal and relieve your symptoms as quickly as possible. Limitations should be noted, and you should wait a while before resuming all daily activities. 

While monitoring your symptoms, your Physiotherapist will assist you in gradually regaining strength and endurance. Because rest reduces your muscular activity and physical endurance, it is critical that you improve these as soon as the period of rest is over. 

Vestibular physiotherapy is ideal when dealing with symptoms such as dizziness and difficulty with balance. Your Physiotherapist will recommend specific treatments and exercises to help relieve your vestibular system of these symptoms. 

Based on the possible causes of your headaches, your Physiotherapist will prescribe treatments and exercises to reduce and eliminate the problem. Stretching, range of motion exercises, eye exercises, specialized massages, or electrical stimulation may be part of the treatment. 

Your Physiotherapist’s primary goal is to help you return to your everyday life as quickly and safely as possible.
Your  Physiotherapist will guide you in gradually returning to your daily activities in sport without exacerbating the symptoms you are experiencing. This is done carefully and precisely to fit your normal way of life. 

Treatment for Concussions

Concussions are treatable, and specialized individuals such as physiotherapists can assist in identifying and managing your symptoms using a prescribed treatment plan for your specific situation. While it may be difficult to detect and may interfere with your daily activities, for the time being, our physiotherapists are willing to assist you in your journey to recovery. Don’t hesitate to Contact us at Vertex Physio & Performa & Performance.