Bemer therapy in Edmonton

Get Bemer therapy in Edmonton and Improve your Health

Bemer therapy is a proven method to regulate our blood flow. Bemer is an incredible machine that produces a low-level pulsated electromagnetic frequency that increases the local blood flow in your muscles. These therapy sessions will improve your blood circulation and bring it to a tempo to provide health benefits. Bemer Therapy’s electromagnetic fields are tested to be safe and can improve your muscles’ health. To say in-short Bemer therapy improves your overall body health by regulating your blood flow.

At VERTEX PHYSIO we provide Bemer Therapy in Edmonton and rehabilitate your body muscles, we have a very hospitable environment with lots of loving staff & good ambiance. You can get a lot of benefits from Bemer therapy including,

  • Reduced risk of cancer
  • Increased blood flow
  • Improved heart health
  • Increases oxygen and nutrients supply

Plus with Bemer Therapy at VERTEX PHYSIO, you get to meet our experienced physios

What is Bemer Therapy

Bemer is a machine that is proven to increase the local blood flow within an 8 minute session. Bemer therapy uses a pulsed electromagnetic field to alter the person’s current blood flow.

Uses of Bemer Therapy

The uses of bemer therapy can vary according to person. Our therapy center’s bemer facility has a variety of equipment to provide treatment in various parts of the body. 

The muscle healing mechanism of bemer will be useful for people who work out regularly and play sports. Also for people playing ice hockey and soccer, their muscles can become tired because of the play. Their muscles will be tired the next day, but with the help of bemer physical therapy, you can rehabilitate the muscles sooner and prepare them for the next match. It can also be used for training the athletes regularly, their blood flow can be regulated and muscle recovery can be enhanced with supportive bemer therapy. With bemer therapy near you, you can give a boost to your system anytime. This just boosts the natural blood flow to remove blockage and debris.

Bodily functions like hormone production and immunity production will also be boosted with the increase in blood flow, the bemer targets the capillaries which maintain the local blood flow. Bemer also increases the rate of the body pushing out unwanted things including dead cells. Bodily functions include sleeping, waking up, and simple and complex movements, also these can be enhanced with Bemer therapy.
The cardiovascular system, also known as the circulatory system, plays an important role in balancing immunity and plays a major role in the health of our body. With bemer by your side, you can have your circulatory systems exercised and healthy. The cardiovascular system is one of the most important systems of the human body which controls circulation, sleep, and Homeostasis.
Healing the wounds are done by blood platelets which are carried through blood, with improved circulation, the platelets reach the spot sooner and in more numbers. With a faster blood rate, our wounds tend to heal quicker and effortlessly.

Heart health is the most important aspect of living as a human being. Have you noticed, that your heart rate rises with positive or negative emotions, this is because of the need for blood supply. With proper heart health, you can easily go for jogs and help your body to keep itself healthy. The bemer is also like a morning jog done with comfort. It does not use any physical energy and yet gives us a lot of benefits. With bemer by your side, you should not worry about health, everything will be taken care of.
A weekly schedule can even save you from a heart condition and other similar situations, so try bemer from our physio clinic in Edmonton and get awesome health benefits. Also does not have any harmful side effects. 

How does Bemer work 

The bemer works by producing a mild electromagnetic field current which alters the blood flow of the human body promoting wellness. It uses the following components to give therapy. 

The b body is the mat you will be lying down on to get the electromagnetic field of Bemer. It is a full adult-sized mat that will cover your whole body and produces full body therapy if you lie on it. This receives the signals and produces the electromagnetic field according to the therapist’s control. You can just lie down on the mat and give input and get electromagnetic stimulation to improve your blood flow. 

The b-pad therapy can be given to targeted spots of the body as instructed by the physician. With b-pad your muscles can get individual attention from the bemer therapy. It can be used by patients who want rehab in a certain place. 

The b spot is mainly used for targeted therapy in knees, it is designed in that way to become a good grip on the knee. The b spot can also be used in our hands for a good therapy session. The physical therapist will allot devices for you according to your needs. 

Light therapy in physio is termed heliotherapy. It mimics the outdoor light and can be used to get people out of depression and sadness. The light used will be very helpful for people who are sedentary and are not exposed to proper sunlight. The light penetrates safely and eases our mood and eases uneasy symptoms. 

All the above-mentioned items are can be connected with this b box professional to activate the pulsed electromagnetic field for recovery

We provide bemer therapy in Edmonton at VERTEX PHYSIO, we use it for various treatments and Bemer can also be used for wellness and maintenance. The bemer therapy is known to have improved blood flow effects on the body for over eighteen hours. 

How to improve blood circulation with Bemer Treatment in Edmonton

Blood circulation is the basic function of the human body to transfer nutrients, water, oxygen, healthy fats, and waste products from tissues. Most of our 8 hours seated jobs cuts down circulation by half, this not only affects our physical health but also our psychic health too. This isn’t some sort of an improvement but destruction to humankind. Our body hunted and gathered food certain years ago and now we sit and eat more food than that, this takes a hell of a toll on our body and causes premature graying of hair, aging, etc.

With Bemer therapy at Edmonton Alberta, you can improve your blood circulation level and benefit yourself with various natural benefits.

How to naturally improve Blood flow

Bemer Therapy is FDA proven to improve the blood flow by producing an electromagnetic field that interacts with the body and increases the blood flow. Beamer is an FDA class 2 cleared consumable medical device. BEMER stands for bio-electromagnetic energy regulation. 

Bemer therapy can also be considered as a scheduled exercise regimen as it improves blood flow, on the other hand. Any type of exercise is shown to improve the blood flow as exercises utilize the muscles and muscles ask for more oxygen, this increases the oxygen demand and the heart starts pumping at a faster rate and breathing fastens.

Peripheral artery disease, diabetes, and obesity can be improved with proper blood circulation. Omega-3 fatty acid tablets can be consumed to increase the natural blood flow. With proper blood flow, the body also burns more calories and this improves metabolic rate which is also a treatment for treating obesity. 

Meditation also plays a role in the regulation of the blood flow, meditation helps us focus more on breath and improves circulation. It also improves depression and helps us to get away from anxiety, anger, and other unhealthy disorders.
Aerobic exercises also called cardiovascular conditionings includes walking, swimming, cycling, etc The above-mentioned activities regulate blood flow and regulates heartbeat

Getting a massage is one of the best ways to improve blood circulation, it can improve cardiac health and decrease the chances of pulmonary heart disease. Massages also relax the mind and help you to get a good flow of endorphins and other healthy hormones. 

When to use Bemer Therapy

You can use bemer therapy on a day of depression and denial, this machine can boost your blood flow and provide you with positive feelings. You can watch this VIDEO to check out how bemer therapy alters the blood flow.

Bemer Therapies could be taken on weekends and occasionally on weekdays.
On times when you have been overworked and need some time and space.
At that time of the day when you feel tired, the bemer machine can be a perfect companion for you.

Bemer Therapy and Cancer

When a person gets treated for cancer there are high possibilities for them to get radiation treatment. With radiation treatments, the person receives radiation therapy, but in time the cells get adapted to the waves and do not respond. But when bemer therapy is given, it reduces the cancer cell radioresistance which will make the cancer-radiotherapy treatment effective.


  1. What does BEMER therapy do?

Bemer therapy sends an electromagnetic field fine-tuned to the human body. The field will increase the blood flow. 

2. How often should you use the BEMER?

Bemer can be used twice a day according to the situation you are facing. Also it is wise to ask a physio beforehand

To say in short-pulsed electromagnetic field therapy can be taken as rehabilitation as well as for wellness by improving blood flow. Since the blood carries the waste, nutrients, oxygen, and water, the bemer therapy uses this to speed up things in the body resulting in better functioning of the cells, tissues, organs, and muscles. Bemer therapy in Edmonton is safe to use and approved by the FDA (Food And Drug Administration). You can come to our clinic anytime and get bemer therapy. Vertex Physio is present in Edmonton, Alberta is producing effective physiotherapy treatments all around the town you can try the services!