Arthritis Physiotherapy Edmonton

Find a Long-lasting Relief for Your Arthritis Using Therapeutic Regimens

Do you notice stiff or tight joints whenever you get up in the morning?

Do you feel pain or joint aches as you move from one place to another?

If this is your condition, you don’t have to panic. These signs are early symptoms of arthritis. However, seeking immediate therapeutic care at Vertex Physio & Performance Clinic can help you address this condition and eliminate any possible health threat.

We know that many people do not seek immediate care when they have arthritis, But we urge you not to follow such steps. Arthritis physiotherapy can help you effectively manage your condition without limitations during the day or while performing various activities.

At Vertex Physio & Performance Clinic, we initially assess your condition before developing a personalized therapeutic plan to address your current pain/discomfort as well as prevent you from any further injuries. In addition, our physiotherapist will improve your range of motion of affected joints. Contact us today to book an appointment

What Are the Common Types of Arthritis

Here are three common types of arthritis:

Osteoarthritis is diagnosed when the flexible cartilage covering the end of each bone and joint wears down. This type of arthritis is characterized by severe pain, swelling, and difficulty moving the joints. It most commonly affects the neck, lower back, hip, knee and ankle 

This autoimmune disease causes inflammation of the joints and surrounding tissues. It can also cause swelling in other body parts, leading to “systematic illness.” 

Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis is a type of Rheumatoid Arthritis that affects children. JIA is a chronic, non-infectious, inflammatory, and autoimmune joint disease that affects children. Children and adolescents are the most commonly affected by juvenile idiopathic arthritis. 

What Are Arthritis Risk Factors

There are common factors that may risk a patient suffering from arthritis. Some of these include;

Arthritis can also be genetic or hereditary due to environmental factors.

Excess body weight strains the joints, which is one of the major causes of arthritis. Obesity is the most common cause of knee arthritis.

Arthritis pain and symptoms tend to worsen with age.

Those who have had a joint injury, most likely due to a sport, are more likely to develop arthritis in that joint. As an example: The most common is knee arthritis caused by a poor landing on the ground during basketball, long jump, and other sports.

How Can Physiotherapy Help My Condition?

Physiotherapy in various forms can be highly beneficial in relieving the pain caused by arthritis. If you have arthritis, most doctors will usually prescribe medication that will provide only short-term relief, but seeing a physiotherapist can help you achieve long-term relief.

A physiotherapist can help you better understand how arthritis can affect your joints and muscles while assessing your condition. Then, based on your assessment result, they will provide you with a treatment plan to help support muscular support, improve mobility, and restore normal joint motion. They will also provide you with helpful advice on managing your condition, fastening your recovery, and preventing reoccurrence sooner or later using recommended and suitable therapeutic modalities and techniques. These physiotherapy treatments can be performed by yourself or, in some cases, by professionals to help relieve pain.

Common Treatments Provided During Arthritis Physiotherapy

Several physiotherapy treatments can help arthritis patients relieve pain; our physiotherapist will use this treatment to help you recover. 

Ice packs can be used to relieve swelling and inflammation in swollen joints. Similarly, heat packs can help relieve pain by increasing blood circulation.

Soaking a wet flannel cloth in warm or cold water works similarly to using heat or ice packs, but you must be careful to get the temperature correct, or you risk injuring yourself. 

Massage therapy is another effective physiotherapy treatment that many arthritis patients find beneficial and relaxing. Massages are typically performed on your own, but you may be able to visit a professional massage therapist. 

While it may appear strange, general exercise is quite beneficial in reducing arthritis pain. The best way to go is with graded exercise, where you start slowly and gradually increase as you go. Regular exercise helps strengthen your muscles and joints while improving your overall fitness.

These are only a few physiotherapy treatments available; however, your physiotherapist will most likely advise you on which ones suit you. Living with arthritis is difficult, but by using these treatments, you will feel more like yourself and will be able to live a rich and rewarding lifestyle.

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