About Vertex Physiotherapy Edmonton

Vertex Physiotherapy Edmonton

Welcome to Vertex Physiotherapy, a multi-disciplinary physiotherapy clinic in Edmonton, boasting of highly proficient skilled registered physiotherapists providing a wide range of Physiotherapy services making you move better for life!

Come meet us for an extensive assessment that includes your past and current health history, joint range of motion, reflexes, neuromuscular sensation and cardio-respiratory status. We also help you in pain evaluation, and help establish a diagnosis based on assessment of relevant x-rays, laboratory tests and medical records accompanied by physical assessment performed by our skilled registered physiotherapists. They have advanced training in manual therapy and continually upgrade their skills to stay updated with advances in medical research. Our professionally trained physiotherapists identify unique injuries and develop individualized treatment plans for each patient. They hold excellent values of communication and keep you updated with your progress. Patient centered care is our strong forte and you will leave us feeling confident, refreshed and in good spirits.

Why do I need physiotherapy?

There are numerous benefits of Physiotherapy including:

  • Pain management including relief
  • Enhanced Muscle Function
  • Joint Mobilization
  • Avoidance of Surgery
  • Manage Age Related Issues
  • Improvement of Balance
  • Reducing Risk of Falls
  • Management of Women’s Health

Services available:

At Vertex Physiotherapy Edmonton, we are committed to providing exceptional physiotherapy care. Our goal is to alleviate your pain, restore your functions and get you moving again.

  • Tele-Rehabilitation
  • Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy
  • Sports Injury Physiotherapy
  • Pediatric Physiotherapy
  • Musculo-Skeletal Physiotherapy
  • Motor vehicle accidents physiotherapy
Our services are based on the “DAME” method:



Diagnosis of your condition by means of a detailed subjective and objective assessment program.



Alleviation of your pain and treatment of the diagnosed condition with the right treatment plan.



Continual monitoring of your response to the treatment.



Educating you about your current issue, care required for complete healing and how you can prevent further or recurrent injury.

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